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Shirk Photography - Water Couture for Photoshop

Shirk Photography - Water Couture for Photoshop + Tutorials
PSD | ABR | JPEGS | Tutorial
14 Body Splash Effects Brushes – Large splashes moving in multiple directions. Great for layering around bodies.
17 Ground Effects Brushes – Everything from small drips to large ground splashes and even surface ripples. Perfect for the ground near a jumping, running, or moving athlete.
11 Water Drops Effects Brushes – Use these as a finishing layer around and on top of your subject. Includes three different rain brushes.
26 Water Effect Splashes – These can go anywhere and everywhere. Use to convey motion and movement, stack, warp and play!
BONUS! 65 Water Overlays/Textures
BONUS! Reflection Action
BONUS! 12 Custom Color Toning Styles – Unique Photoshop styles to help you quickly add color to your water projects. These styles help make the highlights and unique color fluctuations that are very difficult to create just by stamping a solid color.
BONUS! 20 Minute Tutorial with tips, tricks & suggestions on how to use the Water Effects Brushes and styles!
CM - Digital Painting Bundle 2807566

CM - Digital Painting Bundle 2807566
600 skin swatches (30 skin tones), 330 eyes swatches,
581 hair swatches, 171 lips swatches, 15 gold swatches,
15 silver swatches, 15 copper swatches,
30 glitter overlays (2000px x 2000px, 300 dpi, transparent png files),
45 freckles swatches, 31 freckles brushes (between 8px and 30px each),
143 portrait brushes,
405 pastel color swatches (45 combinations),
52 jewelry brushes, 180 color swatches (75 combinations),
134 artistic brushes, 240 couture brushes.