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Infinite Canvas Creator - CYNJMQA

Infinite Canvas Creator - CYNJMQA

Infinite Canvas Creator - CYNJMQA

PAT AI Brushset | 65 Mb

The Infinite Canvas Creator features a range of real-world artist’s textures and papers – perfect for showcasing your designs and illustrations. The canvas textures include watercolor paper, canvas, vintage parchment, chalkboard and more!
The canvas textures are applied easily with one click*, and because the texture tiles automatically repeat, you can fill as large (or small) an area as you like. Plus, there are no visible seams, ensuring the perfect result every time.
*Procreate version supplied as Procreate texture brushes – it’s still super quick and easy to add the textures!
Grab this complete paper and canvas texture pack now and level up as a digital artist!
Here’s a complete list of the free canvas textures included in the pack:
·Textured Watercolor Paper.
·Fine Watercolor Paper.
·Chalkboard Texture.
·Vintage Parchment.
·Canvas Texture.
·Hand-pressed Paper.
·Dense Rustic Paper.
·Vintage Brown Paper.
·Flecked Rustic Paper.
·Tobacco Stained Hand-made Paper.
·Machine Pressed Paper.
·Soft Pressed Paper.
·Cotton Weave.



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